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Hydrangea festival

First post in 2020 and I’m still catching up. Was planning on posting few times a week to clear up the backlog and start up new year afresh, but alas I was busy with moving and generally too lazy during holiday, so that didn’t last for too long. I will try to at least clear the stuff up before it gets completely out of hand. I’m finally at June. June in Japan means start of rainy season called 梅雨 (tsuyu), with it as the name suggests lot of rain, but also it’s a season where Hydrangea starts blooming pretty much everywhere. Not that far from where I live(d) is a temple at which there seemed to be some Hydrangea festival (or so I saw on a poster near my home) so although bit early into the season I went to check it out.
It unfortunately still was quite early, so the flowers weren’t at their full potential, but even despite that there was plenty of people going around with cameras and enjoying the view. Hydrangea has plenty different colours and shapes of the flowers, so it was quite nice to see so many and compare them one to another. Before diving into the flowers, I strolled a bit around the temple itself, I went past it few times, but never had taken my time to go around and take some photos.
Although most of the flowers were still small and still far from peak I was able to walk around a bit and snap few photos. I was thinking of going there again some later day, but as with rainy season the weather was very bad, and when it finally got better the flowers were already over. I kinda wished I had some lens with close focus capability on me, but even now I still haven’t bought one. Will place some shots I managed to get below without any more comments, as there isn’t much to comment on. I definitely need to rethink the lens situation before this year’s season starts.

Cosmos II

Went for my usual weekend walk the other day with camera to try to capture something nice. I was about to give up as nothing seemed interesting that day and on a way back I decided to pass by one of nearby shrines just to find out there was some event going on. I’m not sure what it was about, but there was huge field of cosmos flowers, a typical autumn flower in Japan. I didn’t remember seeing such field there, before, so I was quite surprised. What surprised me even more was and old man waving at me to come his way.
It seemed like some kind of farmer’s event of something, where they were giving away breakfast and some local vegetables. So I didn’t know why but I stuffed myself with free rice balls and tonjiru (broth with lot of vegetables) drank some tea and decided to take few shots of the flowers.
What I regretted the most was leaving the 85mm lens at home, as it was too heavy and I didn’t plan originally to do any serious shooting anyway. It would’ve been perfect for place like that. I had to manage with just the 25mm and 55mm, which didn’t stop me from getting good pictures.
There weren’t even that many people which was even better as I could take my time and enjoy the view. Not much sunshine that day unfortunately, but even with the cloudy weather it was very enjoyable morning.