Japan 2016 – 01

It’s been two months already, but I thought this might be great post to start the blog with.In July I went to my fourth trip to Japan and as always I immensely enjoyed myself and took a bunch of photos. I took too many pictures to post it all at once, so I’ll separate it into 3 or 4 post few photos each…

I always go to Tokyo for my first week, and this time it wasn’t any different. First thing I do after checking in the hotel is to go to convenience store (コンビニ) and grab some noms.

The closest to my hotel in Uguisudani this time as LAWSON, so I had to buy the chocolate roll cake

I always meet up with some friends while in Tokyo and often they show me parts of the city i haven’t been myself yet.
Also my go to place on weekends is Hibiya park (日比谷公園) where I have bunch of friends who created the Street Workout Tokyo (SWT) . If you’re in Tokyo during weekend and you’re into playing on high bars go there and say Hi!
I guess some people might not like huge cities, but I just love Tokyo so much!
I also visited Yokohama where I went to meet up with my friend from Nagoya. And spent great day there as well, and since it was proper hot we ended up playing with water filled balloons. Yokohama’s China Town was okay as well.
One thing that Tokyo is amazing for, is night photography. There are lights everywhere and be it people working late in office buildings or nicely lit shrines, the night atmosphere is great.
I remember going to shoot night Sensouji in Asakusa around 8pm and no one being there just 2 years ago, but this time I went even later and it was quite full of people taking photos.
Gotta love Skytree
Close to Tokyo, is (not sure if you can call it like that due to the size) Mt. Takao, quite popular spot for people wanting to get out from Tokyo rush.I finally had time to go and check it, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal, so I didn’t shoot as many pictures.
When I came back though, there was festival just next to hotel I was staying, which was nice, as I always wanted to experience one of those. I pretty underestimated just how many people go to festivals in Tokyo.Luckily I was able to grab some delicious noms and had quite good time.
That kinda does it for the first week, I didn’t want to spam the page with photos, so I picked just some of my favourites.Not sure if I’ll be bothered to write some text for the next posts, just wanted to have something nice as the first post.

I also wonder just how many cans of Horoyoi (ほろよい) have I drank during my stay there.