There are only few places in Suzuka I do enjoy visiting over and over again, one of them is the small port of Wakamatsu. It’s great calm place, and I used to go there fishing rather often at the beginning of the year, but mainly there’s small “cat house” with tens of cats enjoying their cat life. Every time I find moment to go there I feel like the number of cats increases exponentially. The other day I had some free time, so I thought I could go check up on those furry beasts again.
To my surprise there was new member of the community, apparently recently born small kitten. To be perfectly hones the cats there aren’t the prettiest you can find. I suppose most of them are stray cats, so they either have some disease, are dirty or their fur isn’t as nice as you’d expect from a cat. The small kitten was no exception, so it had bit of the “street vibe”, but was cute nonetheless. As I don’t have any lens longer than 85mm and the kitten was still rather cautious, it wasn’t very easy to take photos of him.
Other cats around seemed to have great time just taking a nap or strolling around the port. I had some snacks for then which made it bit easier to grab their attention as well. I wonder what is the reason everyone seems to enjoy taking photos of, or at least looking at pictures of cats. There’s something about them that makes it enjoyable and hard to get fed up with. Most of the lens reviews on the internet usually have some cat photos as well… I do think I tool one too many photos of various cats this year, but I’m sure next year will not be different in any way.

End of summer in Osaka

After spending few days in Tokyo I got into the city-life mood, so after getting back to the countryside I immediately started planning other trips. I was chatting with few friends I haven’t seen in long time, and since few of them live around Osaka, I set it as my next destination. The first time I came to Japan in 2013 I went to Osaka as well, but I didn’t enjoy it at all and since then the impression wasn’t very good. I can’t really say I love it now either, but I have to admit going there after some time with noting but rice fields around feels very refreshing
Unfortunately the train I use every time I go there has final stop in Namba, which is like the party centre for all young people from Osaka and really from all over the world. There’s so much foreigners there I always wonder what’s so magical about it, that makes everyone visit it. To me it’s just a noisy place which smells of piss and vomit and feels so anti-Japan it’t not even fun. There’s plenty of neon signs though, so from photographic point of view it’s not all that bad. And in the morning it’s surprisingly calm and feels so much different than during the night.
As my main goal of the trip was spending time with friends, I didn’t end up taking too many photos overall. But usually had free time in the morning, so I went for a stroll around the city, visited some shops and even found some time for that occasional self portrait as well. Just love having the city as a background, maybe bit longer lens, somewhere around 135mm would be nice as well.
Just before I went back home the sunset was looking very nice and I had few minuted before it was time to go catch the train, so I went for one last walk around Dotonbori area and snapped few photos as it was waking up for another round of night life craze.